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MSA1000 2/8 switch

Larry Day
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MSA1000 2/8 switch

I removed an HBA (Emulex) from a server (ESX 3.5), and replaced it with another HBA (different WWPN). The ACU (Windows version) still sees the old HBA and the old WWPN associated with that server, in the SSP wizard. The switch Web utility does not see either the old HBA --OR-- the new HBA. The MSA CLI shows the port as "No Light." The cable is a known-good cable. The SFP is known-good. The ADU shows entries still in the switch configuration about the "old" HBA.

How do I remove the "old" HBA entry from the switch, and get the switch to recognize the "new" HBA? This is not a hardware problem, as best as I can tell. No commands exist in any of these utilities to "delete connection" on the switch; only delete the alias name. Is this ESX-related (Linux)? Someone told me to recycle the MSA1000 (fastboot on the switch). Is this the only way to remove the "old" WWPN from the switch?

Many thanks in advance, for my rambling on. This is driving me to the wall!