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MSA1000 2 raidsets?

erik muurman
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MSA1000 2 raidsets?

i have one raid set wit 72gb harddisks. I want to place additional harddisks, and want to take 147gb harddisks. Because the size is different i can't add them to the current raidset. Can i make a second raidset with the new harddisks?
Uwe Zessin
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Re: MSA1000 2 raidsets?

You could add the 146GB disks to a disk drive array with 72GB disks, but only half of their capacity would be used.

Yes, you can create a second disk drive array (not called a RAIDset, because it does not have a RAID level associated) with the 146GB disks. Then you can create one or more logical disks (which provides the RAID protection) within the disk drive array. But watch out: you can only delete logical disk in reverse order from a disk drive array.

The MSA1000 allows up to 32 logical disks.