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MSA1000/ACU - Switch management not available

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MSA1000/ACU - Switch management not available

Hi There

I am a solution architect trying to assist an engineer on a remote site with an MSA1000 Packaged Cluster (with high availability pack) install in a Data Centre. Two further servers (with the additional HBAs, FC cables & Securepath licences have been bought).

When the engineer arrived, the MSA1000 and a total of four servers had already been racked by an install team. Media supplied with the servers appears to have been misplaced.

The engineer has downloaded a copy of the HP StorageWorks Modular Smart Array 1000 Support Software v6.51.02 and installed it but can only seem to get the basic ACU utility working. He can create arrays but cannot do anything about managing the switch and server/lun assignments. Apparently there are buttons/controls missing that he would expect to see in ACU with an MSA1000 attached as the storage device.

I know this info is sketchy but I am hoping that someone can suggest something pretty obvious. It seems a bit early to hit the rails!

I am thinking HBA drivers? MSA firmware? Additional software on the CD that needs to be installed?

Does Insight manager need to be used to configure the switch?

Any takers?