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MSA1000 Bootable CD Fails

Colin Hendrie
New Member

MSA1000 Bootable CD Fails

I am trying to use the bootable CD that comes with the MSA1000 on a DL580 G4. The version of the CD is 5.55. Linux loads from the CD but X-Windows/ACU does not start and I am instead given a bash prompt.
From the prompt if I try to start X-Windows it fails with the following messages:
(WW) ATI: PCI/AGP Mach64 in slot 1:3:0 could not be detected!
(EE) No devices detected. Fatal Server Error: no screens found.

I have noticed that the DL580 G4 comes with a ATI ES1000 video controller and not a Mach64.

At a guess I would say that the bootable CD hasn't got the drivers for the latest video card.

I have tried V6.51 and V7.18 of the CD and these also fail but dont give a command line, they just reboot the server.

Any ideas anyone?