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MSA1000 Controller and integrated FC-Switch

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MSA1000 Controller and integrated FC-Switch

I have a redundant MSA 1000 with 2 Controllers and 2 FC-SAN Switches inside. The System is productive. Now i have to remove the redundant controller and 1 FC-Switch for test purposes in a second MSA. The question now is: Must i power down the MSA to remove the controller and the switch or can i remove the 2 parts hot-plug?!?

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James Muell
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Re: MSA1000 Controller and integrated FC-Switch

Its always better to shut the system down if you can help it. Also, any redundant host (or cluster) will be running on the single path.
A cold boot with a single contrlr and sw should boot fine.
Otherwise pull the standby contrlr and the switch in back of it but wait for 3-5 minutes between pulling each device (the same with putting them back in. Hardware needs time to register it changes.