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MSA1000 Missing Adapter ID in ACU SSP

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MSA1000 Missing Adapter ID in ACU SSP

Selective Storage Presentation problem.
I am trying to setup a second set of HA servers on an MSA1000 cluster. Each server has 2 HBA adapaters and there is now a total of 4 servers on this MSA. The first 2 servers were setup no problem, all 4 HBA's show up in SSP. The other two only show 3 of the 4 HBA's in SSP. Everything else seems fine, HBA's show up on the servers as operating correctly under device manager. Servers are WIN2K3 DL380's. Any ideas out there?
Stephen Kebbell
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Re: MSA1000 Missing Adapter ID in ACU SSP

Hi Brian,

run ACU on the second server and then have a look in the SSP list. It will not show any "remote-offline" HBAs in the SSP until you run ACU locally on that "remote" machine. Don't know why, though!