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MSA1000 Power not redundant ?

Alun Lambert
Occasional Visitor

MSA1000 Power not redundant ?

I have an MSA1000 with 2 expansion units and redundant fan/psu modules in all disk units, all 6 fan/psu modules have green LED's illuminated on the rear and are all running, on the front the green power indicator flashes green on all 3 units. Insight Manager 7 says the power supplies are not redundant, the fans have failed and marks the server orange with a major failure. There are no outstanding events to clear in Insight, do I have a problem ?
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Re: MSA1000 Power not redundant ?

My MSA1000 tels me that one of the psu is going "off and on line" every two days. I also get this message in the eventlog of all my SAN servers thru the HBA's. The psu is OK. An engineer from HP told me that this is probably a firmware issue. I have version 2.38. There is a newer version by now. I hope this may also solve your problems.
For upgrading look at :
White paper "Upgrading the MSA1000 for Enhanced Features"