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MSA1000 Question

Shawn Jaryno
Occasional Visitor

MSA1000 Question

It has been a while since I worked with the MSA1000. But here is the issue, a server that was previously configured to use the MSA1000 was no longer being used to access the MSA1000. The fiber card was left installed.

I installed the management software on this server and it connects to the SAN to configure and display the existing array configuration.

I plugged the fiber line in and rescanned the disks and rebooted the server.

Windows does see the drives from the san but it sees them as blank. I know Windows thinks is is the master for its own connection of the drives.

I also remember originally have to import foreign disks into the system and it was able to see them, memory hazy on this.

So what do I do now to make windows access the data and not view the drives as unformatted and not partitioned?

I have been looking for documentation on this but can not see to find anything.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

James Muell
Valued Contributor

Re: MSA1000 Question

So when Windows saw the disk did you just assign a drive letter? You should NOT have formatted the drive.

Is SSP enable? Did you configure the new host? Are any other hosts connected?

Are you dual connected?
Are you saying you added disks with a disk array already configured to the MSA/?
Shawn Jaryno
Occasional Visitor

Re: MSA1000 Question

SSP was enabled at one point in time but it was disabled for some reason or another.

It is now renabled.

I did create a drive letter for the Disk but did not format it, windows would not let me access the disk because it said it was unformatted.

Does windows require a reboot to the system if you add a drive letter so that it recoginize the data?

Everything seems to be in order, like i said windows does recognize the drives and the logical format of the arrays.

When I am in the MMC it says the 5 Disk array for 600 gigs. So I think everything is working properly.

Just not sure how to make windows see the data on the actual drive.
James Muell
Valued Contributor

Re: MSA1000 Question

I would try removing the lun in SSP. Rebooting the host then check Disk Mgr to see its clean.
Then enable the lun in SSP that you want to push to that host.
Reboot the host and find it in DiskMgr and give it a drive letter.
If previously on the original host you didn't have any encryption sfwr running you should see the data.
If not you may need to recover it via backup tape.
Also, you should clean up or remove any old entries in SSP and the disk should only be check for the new host.