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MSA1000 SAN : Volume Failed, disks show as REPLACEMENT when they weren't replaced

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MSA1000 SAN : Volume Failed, disks show as REPLACEMENT when they weren't replaced

Hi all,

I hope somebody can help.

We have an old MSA1000 SAN connected to two disk arrays that went quite wonky after being shutdown and moved for the first time in many, many years.

We have all volumes back up, bar one - one that we really want back up!


Output from SHOW UNIT on the CLI console is as follows:

Unit 11:
In PDLA mode, Unit 11 is Lun 12; In VSA mode, Unit 11 is Lun 11.
Unit Identifier   :
Device Identifier : 600508B3-0093A0E0-AB3578A1-887E0021
Preferred Path    : Controller 1 (this controller)
Cache Status      : Enabled
Max Boot Partition: Disabled
Volume Status     : VOLUME FAILED
Parity Init Status: Complete
4 Data Disk(s) used by lun 11:
   Disk207: Box 2, Bay 07, (B:T:L 1:08:00)   DRIVE FAILED! (0x0C)
   Disk208: Box 2, Bay 08, (B:T:L 1:09:00)   REPLACEMENT
   Disk209: Box 2, Bay 09, (B:T:L 1:10:00)   REPLACEMENT
   Disk210: Box 2, Bay 10, (B:T:L 1:11:00)   REPLACEMENT
Spare Disk(s) used by lun 11:
   No spare drive is designated.
Logical Volume Capacity : 858,305MB


We've ordered a replacement disk for the drive that has failed.  But what concerns me is that the other three drives all show as REPLACEMENT, even though the disks haven't been replaced.

So I am worried that even if we replace the failed drive, the volume won't rebuild.

I can't find any command in the CLI documentation or on the ACU GUI utility to tell the MSA controller that those drives weren't replaced.


Any and all suggestions greatfully received!