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MSA1000 - SCSI IDs

John Brannan
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MSA1000 - SCSI IDs

I have a list of drives that need replacing in my MSA1000 from an ADU report.

I'm trying to find out how to correlate the Port/SCSI ID's from the ADU report with the Box/Bay locations in the MSA1000 as reported by the ACU.

I've gone through the ADU report but can't find a logical link between the SCSI ID's and the Bays.

Any help much appreciated.
Stephen Kebbell
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Re: MSA1000 - SCSI IDs


have a look at the MSA1000 Reference Guide (14MB PDF)
There is chapter called SCSI ID Assignments.

Also, if you open ACU, select the physical view and click the disk you're looking for, its LEDs will blink in the enclosure.