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MSA1000, San Switch 2/8EL and Cisco SN5428-K9


MSA1000, San Switch 2/8EL and Cisco SN5428-K9


I have four servers connected to MSA1000 through a HP Storageworks San Switch 2/8EL. That configuration works like a dream.
Im now trying to connect a new Cisco SN5428 iScsi router to the switch, but thats not easy. The FCgbics have links, but on the SN5428 one green light (log) is flashing. In enable mode it??s repeated a message that says it??s trying to connect to a switch in non-interoperability mode (see attatche screenshot). When i Telnet to the HP San switch it says somthing like its not licensed for Wan...
Can this be the problem or is theese components just not compatible?
Tried to seek on the web about upgrade licenses for the HP switch, but i can??t figure out if some of them is the right one.
I Found:

Nothing is mentioned about a scenario with a iScsi router.

The domain id is the same on the router and the switch. The SN5424 is not configured for tranparent iScsi routing. Maybe it should?
After hours of search on the web and the vendors sites im feeling like walking on untouched soil in the field of iScsi (at least in Norway). I can??t be the first to do this, can i? Hope anybode can give me some hints.

Thanks in advance

Orjan J
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Re: MSA1000, San Switch 2/8EL and Cisco SN5428-K9

SN5248 runs iSCSI protocol,and the SAN switch runs FCP protocal;this two protocol can't run in one environment.

Re: MSA1000, San Switch 2/8EL and Cisco SN5428-K9

But the SN5428 is just a router wich routes iscsi to FC... Maybe i have missed a big point here, but thats they claim the box do.
Why should it have 8 FC ports then?

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Re: MSA1000, San Switch 2/8EL and Cisco SN5428-K9

I believe that domain ID should be unique for each switch. Try changing domain ID on the router.

Second thing: 8 FC ports on the router? Wow. It seem to be a switch too. Then consider this:
As far as I remember, 2/8EL limitation is "only 4 switches per fabric". Make sure you did not violated it. If you already have 4 2/8EL switches in fabir, you'll need to purchase extended fabric option for all of them in your fabric.


Re: MSA1000, San Switch 2/8EL and Cisco SN5428-K9

Domain id was of course wrong so i changed it, but without success. Setting the fc type to E_port instead of auto on the SN5428 stopped the error message. I didnt bother to find out more. I just kicked out the HP switch and used the SN5428 instead as a switch. That works fine and absolutly no configuring was neccesary. Just pulled out the gbics and cables from the HP SanSwitch and put them in the Cisco SN5428 instead. And of course i shut down the servers first..