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Re: MSA1000 & Secure Path 4B

Ed WHite_1
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MSA1000 & Secure Path 4B

I have a Compaq MSA 1000, attached to two HP
Servers, each of which has dual HBA's installed. The servers are clustered for failover using Legato CO Standby. I have upgraded all the MSA 1000 drivers to those supplied with the v2.38 support pack. However, when I installed Secure Path ver 4B and rebooted the first server it blue screened, with a boot disk not found error! The only way to resurrect this was to remove the HBA's and restart the server again. This however, wrecked Co Standby.
Does anyone have any ideas on this?? Thanks
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Re: MSA1000 & Secure Path 4B

We have installed a lot of MSA1000 and sometimes we have the same problem.

Install Securepath Again an It will work.

If you have a bluescreen you can also boot, wenn you remove the fibre cables.

1. Remove Fibre Cable
2. Startup the Server
3. Install the HP Driver (4.82a16)
4. Update the fca2101 HBA Adapter Firmware with LPUTILNT.EXE (3.91a1)
5. Install Again Securepath
Ed WHite_1
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Re: MSA1000 & Secure Path 4B

HI CHristoph,

Thanks for your reply. You suggest removing the fibre cables before installing Secure Path? The installation documentation says to plug them in. Is it preferable to have them disconnected? I am running Windows 2000 SP3, just so you know.

Many thanks