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MSA1000 and Emulex LP9802

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MSA1000 and Emulex LP9802

Our company just purchased an MSA1000 and I am trying to run the ACU-EX on a Dell Server with everything connecting into a Brocade FC switch. Windows finds the MSA1000 and loads drivers for it. When I try to run the ACU-EX I get a message stating 'The software does not need to be installed on this system.' Any ideas?

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Re: MSA1000 and Emulex LP9802

This makes sense since ACU or ACU-XE is only supported on HP Proliant servers and the installer checks the model, that's why you get this message and can only close the install program. I guess that HP doesn't want a DEll server to be the only host connected :-)
What you can try to do is the following:
- extract the ACU-XE software to disk via the installer
- go into the BIN folder
- run the CPQACUXE.EXE file
- normally a webpage will be launched, enter 'administrator' as default password for the administrator account
- hopefully your MSA1000 controller will be detected
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Re: MSA1000 and Emulex LP9802

Other way,you can sets the MSA1000 by ACU or ACU-EX on one Compaq server.
Then link the fibre cable to Dell server.
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Re: MSA1000 and Emulex LP9802

ACU should run on any supported platform.

The problem maybe connected to unsupported FC HBA. Only HP FCA2101 and the other dual-port (don't remember the type) is officially supported on Windows platforms with MSA1000.

Well, HP FCA2101 is rebranded Emulex, but it uses HPQ-modified firmware and drivers. Maybe lack of these HP drivers causes your problem with ACU.

There are very small chances that switch is the problem: HP SanSwitch 2/8 is actually rebranded Brocade 2800. For hosts it is transparent (however you may try to plug optical cables directly to the MSA1000).

You may also try the good old Compaq ACU. I don't know if it is available for downloading... An old SmartStart CD (5.x) contains ACU installation file.