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MSA1000 and Netware

Erwin v. Doesburg
Occasional Visitor

MSA1000 and Netware

Can somebody explain to me how i can test the performance of my MSA1000 in a netware envorinment. I have 2 Compaq Proliants DL360 G3, attached to the MSA1000. On both servers is Netware 6 installed with servicepack 3. Cluster services 1.6

I have sometimes speed troubles with backup up the clustervolumes on the MSA1000. The speed on the local volume SYS is always good. One day the speed is alright next day performance is poor. In the time between nothing changed.
Novell says that has nothing to do with netware.
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Re: MSA1000 and Netware

Hi, Novell has a test tool for backup. tsatest.nlm. This tool test the Tape achitecture withoot using the network or tape device. (it dumps the info to a NUL device.) You can specify the volume to perform the test on. What is the performance you get on the backup of volumes?