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MSA1000 and Suse Linux 9

Luis Vitor Burti
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MSA1000 and Suse Linux 9

Hi all

I´ve a MSA1000 with a controller pair (Firmware v4.48), a Switch Fabric pair and 2 Server DL585 with Suse Linux 9.
The both servers are witch 2 FCA2214.

After present one Lun, using SSP, to one server, it recognize the lun, but when we do the copy some data to the new device and, take off one the fibre channels of switch fabric (simulating a HBA´s fail), the controller´s charge doen´st change to another controller, so, in the OS, appear a I/O error.

What can I do for resolv this problen? Or it´s a normal procedure???

James Muell
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Re: MSA1000 and Suse Linux 9

Do you have multipath software running? This would be a requirement for the test you are trying to run. If so, you need to first test it with both HBAs and look at the throughput on both switches using the command portperfshow

Look at which hba has the data and then fail it to see if your test copy connection fails over.

What is the method you are using to force the failover? pulling the fc cable from the HBA or at the switch?
On the switch you can do a portdisable (pt #) on the active HBA to stop the i/o and provoke failover.