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MSA1000 firmware 2.38.B122

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MSA1000 firmware 2.38.B122

Two questions....
If I upgrade our Array Controller Firmware (currently on 2.38.B122) will I need to do anything with the drivers installed on each server connected to it?

Also, Can someone point me to any written directions on how to upgrade the firmware? Perferably something that spells it out step by step.
Thanks for any help.
Cameron Todd
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Re: MSA1000 firmware 2.38.B122

You shouldn't need to make any change to the servers if the MSA firmware is upgraded.

my MSA1000 is 4.32.

Attached is a release note file with some useful information.

You would need to search for a file such as "" which would be the MSA flash utility and firmware code.
(It is 5MB in size so I cannot send it via forum)