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MSA1000 firmware 4.48

Sam Tarasco
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MSA1000 firmware 4.48

I'm looking for firmware version 4.48 for the MSA1000. I found several links pointing to it on this site but the link is either broken or it list firmware from 7.xx and up. I need this for a netware 5.1 server. No other version will work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I have never spent hours searching with no success. Just going in circles.
James Muell
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Re: MSA1000 firmware 4.48

I tried to send you the 4.4.8 fw. but its too big!
I found the HP Site that has MSA firmware but you will need to call HP and verify that you can use this on your system. It looks like they moved the Nw5.1 support under the MSA1500. The latest firmware supporting nw5.1 is v5.10. Go here and check it out:〈=en&cc=us