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MSA1000 firmware

Hi All,
I have an MSA1000 running firmware version 4.32 and would like to upgrade to the latest compatible version. On the HP download site I see available versions as v7 A/A and 5.20 A/P and I also see 4.48.

Which version can use to upgrade from my existing 4.32 build and what is the procedure (or point me to the doc) for installing the firmware?

(I am connecting to a Redhat 3.4 server).

Last question, if I choose to delay the firmware upgrade, will my current 4.32 version support 300Gb drives?

James Muell
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Re: MSA1000 firmware

- You will need to read the readme files on each of those fw upgrade packages to see if it supports your version of RedHat.
- Also check the MSA1000 compatibility matrix for RH. Below might be an old link:

Are your existing drives firmware uptodate? HBA driver package?
The newer v7 and 5.20 fix alot of issues in the older code.
HP upgrade guide attached.