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MSA1000 front panel LED's

Cameron Todd
Regular Advisor

MSA1000 front panel LED's

I have been wondering for ages what the two bars of LED displays on the front panel of the MSA1000 controller cabinet actually indicate but have never seen any information in the manuals I possess, nor found any mention in my searches for MSA information on the HP websites.

Does anyone have information pertaining to the meaning of these LED's?
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA1000 front panel LED's

These days, they are documented in the controller user guide (347281-002, May 2004).

Btw, the first reference I found was in the MSA1000 user guide (230941-001, October 2001), which means that information has been available for ages;-)
Cameron Todd
Regular Advisor

Re: MSA1000 front panel LED's

Part of the problem has been that many of the URL's fail with a "We Are Sorry" page- not-found error from HP.

On the page reference you listed, I could download the CLI User Guide no problems (which exonerates my ISP and desktop settings as the culprit) but nearly all of the MSA1000 User Guide references failed with 404 errors. (ie page doesn't exist)

Only one of those references actually led to a page with an openable document, so you don't need to worry - I have found the info after all that.

Cameron Todd
Regular Advisor

Re: MSA1000 front panel LED's

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MSA1000 front panel LED's


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