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MSA1000 invalid redundant path

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MSA1000 invalid redundant path


I have an MSA1000 with a single controller and single 2/8 switch.
Now I put in a second controller, synced the firmware (5.20b1500) and the LCD tells me that I now have an Active/Standby configuration.

But the ACU tells me that I have an invalid redundant path (originally German):
"Code 409: MSA1000 in 8A28KF3161SP hat einen ung??ltigen Redundanzpfad"

I uploaded the output of "show tech_support".

Now my questions:

- Is it possible to have just a "RAID1" for the controller?
- Or do I also need a second SAN switch?
- Is there a documentation about it?
(I remember a document, but cannot find it anymore)

Thanks in advance!
Uwe Zessin
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Re: MSA1000 invalid redundant path

You need a second SAN switch, because the controller has a direct connection to its corresponding I/O bay in the rear of the MSA1000 enclosure.

If you want redundant access for the servers you need to provide them with a second Fibre Channel port (either two single-port adapters - or one dual-port adapter). From experience in the history it is NOT a good idea to have one port access both controllers.

And then most operating systems need to be taught to do a proper failover.
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Re: MSA1000 invalid redundant path

Hallo Uwe,

this is what I remember from the guides.

Since there is no redundancy just for the SAN controller itself, I'll grab the cache, pimp my running controller with it and keep it in the shelf for replacement.