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MSA1000 issues with Firmware

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MSA1000 issues with Firmware

I have an MSA1000 that I purchased a second controller for. When I installed the card the system asked me to sync the version information. This has synced with the new card and now when my system is up I get an error. "FW not supported" How can I resolve this issue.
James Muell
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Re: MSA1000 issues with Firmware

What was the firmware version before you adde the second controller?
-- You will need to compare the following details from all your connected hosts:
OS type and version
Multipath software & version
HBA model & driver
...with the information in the Firmware readme files.

-- If you know that, then go to the HP site:
...and download that firmware version, and install it.
If you were previously running an older version than in now on the HP website, you may be out of luck.