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MSA1000 mix HD size

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MSA1000 mix HD size

I am using a MSA1000 with 14 x 36GB HD and has 2 arrays (A & B). I would like to expand the size of array A.

Can I change all the HDs that belongs to array A to bigger size HD, say 144GB?

If it is possible, then I will need to back up the array's data, remove the array, change HDs, create array using the new HD and restore data back.

Am I correct? Or MSA1000 doesn't allow mix size HD.

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Re: MSA1000 mix HD size

Not a good idea mixing HD sizes within a configured array, but no problem mixing HD sizes within an MSA1000 - and what you propose is perfectly valid given the constraints of all slots already filled.

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Re: MSA1000 mix HD size

Mixing on the same array is not a good idea but replacing all drives on the same array is valid.

First make a backup, then replace the first hard disk, wait until MSA rebuild the array, then replace the next, until you finished (it will take some hours or days), at the end, expand the array, you will have a lot of space and no reinstallation is necessary.


Make a backup, replace all disks on the array, erese this array (A or B), put the new disks, create a new array, and restore information, this is more quick but require to reinstall applications or OS.