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Re: MSA1000 redundant controller question

David Hodorowski
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MSA1000 redundant controller question

I have a client who currently has a MSA1000 with only one controller card installed. I believe that it is a G2 model. Can we just purchase the second array controller card for the msa1000 and shove it in? will it pickup it's configuration from the first and operate in a standby mode? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
James Muell
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Re: MSA1000 redundant controller question


When you insert the 2nd controller it will first check to see if the firmware matches the fw of the original controller.
Check the MSA maintenance docs for procedures for replacing a controller, they may help.

Generally, I would do the following:
Take all hosts offline and pwr dwn the msa, insert the 2nd controller and watch the LCD for instructions. Read them carefully to understand which controller is updating the other. After the controllers fw is syncronized and up, I would pwr cycle the MSA, one more time, bring the hosts back on line the check their to see that their lun configurations are good.