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MSA1000 slowness with Esxi 5.0

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MSA1000 slowness with Esxi 5.0

2 new servers with ESXi 5.0 is connected to MSA1000 using dual controller active-active setup. each server has 2  HBA's  Qlogic QLE 2560 and connected to MSA in mutlipath connection.


there are 2 RAID 5 sets of 300 GB U320 scsi hdds,  in servers detects connection properly with 2 datastores. one of the RAID set(datastore) shows exessive slowness in reading VM's and take long time for each VM even to boot up. it is using VMware view 5.0 and total 85 dvms are stored in MSA.


any body faced this kind of problem please share...............