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MSA1000 vs. VA7100

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MSA1000 vs. VA7100

We are planning to buy a SAN for our company and found two very distinct choices:
Compaq MSA1000 and HP VA7100. Our company has at the moment 7 servers and uses only 200GB of disk. I know that VA7100 is a high-end solution, much more expensive and our use of disk is very small. But we are afraid of the possible "retirement" of the SCSI-disks used in the MSA1000 solution. So we are considering the use of FiberChannel Hard disks instead.
Our decision must be based on the following issues:
1- Cost effectiveness -> We have a limit of money to invest.
2- Guarantee of Investment-> We definitely want to buy a solution we assume it will be upgradeable in the next 3 or 4 years. Of course 4 years in this area is almost eternity. But at least we??ll try to buy the most reliable solution.
Well I??ve written a lot. I hope you understand my concerns since english is not my first language. I apologize for my mistakes and thank you for any advices or suggestions.
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Re: MSA1000 vs. VA7100

The MSA1000 is undergoing constant development, the latest firmware now removes the constraints regarding Microsoft Clusters, one bit of advice - don't buy the internal switches as you cannot cascade them to HP 'Brocade Switches', so far as the drives are concerned they are the ones fitted in all HP Prolient servers, so the likleyhood of them being retired is remote.