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MSA1000 w/ Windows 2003 & NetWare 6.5 sp5

Shane Mays
New Member

MSA1000 w/ Windows 2003 & NetWare 6.5 sp5

I'm having trouble with heterogeneity. According to the compatibility guide it should work.

2/8 Switch
2 HP DL360 G5 servers with FC1142SR HBAs
6 300gb drives

The MSA1000 firmware has been updated to 5.2 Active/Passive. HBAs have been updated to 1.16. Internal SCSI server P400 controllers have been disabled.

I've successfully created a 3 drive raid 5 array with 3 LUNs for testing. With SSP served up LUN1 to Server1 and installed NetWare. Working fine.

Within SSP I have Server1 as NetWare and Server2 as Windows

Within SSP assigned LUN2 to Server2 and within the Qlogic Bios set the proper boot from san LUN. During the format portion of Windows 2003 setup, the format fails, saying the disk may be damaged. I can successfully create and delete partitions so the Qlogic HBA driver appears to be working. I've tried assigning LUN2 & LUN3 to Server2 with the same results. I've also tried Windows 2000 with the same results.

Today I set both Hosts within the SSP to Windows and assigned LUN3 to Server1 and the install worked fine.

I then changed Server2 to a NetWare host within the SSP and assigned LUN1 (where NetWare was already installed). When the NetWare server boots I get "Can't load bdos kernal file C:\"

I though you should be able to assign a different server and HBA to boot to a different LUN through the SSP. It acts like it's not seeing the LUN properly.

Can anyone give any insight into the problems we're having?

Any assistance is appreciated.