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MSA1500 Performance tool?

Eric Willegen
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MSA1500 Performance tool?


Is there a tool with i can use for viewing and reporting the I/O's on a specific Disk Array created in the MSA? Or must i use the Performance Monitor tooling on the Windows Host?

James Muell
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Re: MSA1500 Performance tool?

You can see i/O performance from the switches that the 1500 is connected to.
I use Brocade switches and can open a putty or cli switch session and type the command: portperfshow
This cmd will run continuously and show all the I/O on the all the switch ports. If you know which ports the 1500 is connected to you will have your answer. If your using 2 switches you can do the same on the other switch and see traffic during failover or if your running act-act you will see both running I/O. We doo this all the time in testing by running IOMeter on the hosts. :)
Chris Rosan
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Re: MSA1500 Performance tool?


How can that be so when the theoretical maximum throughput of the SA6402 controller is 320mbps, but the fibre channel is 2GB or 4GB?

I raised this same post the other day and i think you replied to it.

There must be some what to query the actual Array controller in the MSA!

I've tried using a program called "Opstor" -
But i can't get it to work for some reason. I've used this company's products before and they are great.

Even though it's an "entry level" unit, i can't believe HP don't provide a way to accuratly monitor the performance of the MSA's, especially as if people can see there is a bottleneck they're more likely to upgrade to an EVA or a second MSA.