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MSA1500 Windows 2003 Clustered Disk Questions

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MSA1500 Windows 2003 Clustered Disk Questions

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1) Can the Automatic Disk Initialization/Dynamic Conversion question be permenantly killed so a Junior admin doesn't inadvertantly say "Yes"

2) Can the Disk which are not "owned" by a particular node be hidden so Mr Junior Admin doesn't attempt to "repair" the Red flagged drive.
Steven Clementi
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Re: MSA1500 Windows 2003 Clustered Disk Questions

I can actually picture a junior admin trying to do that.

1. Not 100% sure, but Windows is VERY customizable if you like the Registry, even more so if you like Group Policy Editor. Many "features" can be turned on and off from Group Policy (Like the Shutdown tracker, annoying on those servers you Really do not care about, or those test servers.) I would look in Group Policy first.

2. Again, not 100% sure, but Windows, by design, is very secretive and I would think there would be a way to "hide" a drive.

I will keep an eye out.

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