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MSA1500cs multipathing issues of my own

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MSA1500cs multipathing issues of my own

I just deployed a new MSA1500cs with (3) MSA30 shelves and (2) MSA20 shelves. MSA1500 firmware is flashed to 5.02. MSA20 firmware came shipped at 1.48.

(4) HP BL20p servers connected via Patch Panel 2 interconnect all running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise with SP1.

Redundant switch is currently turned off and only one host has SSP setup for access to disks.

When I try to run the basic MPIO version 1.1 I get an NTVDM error. I've scoured the site for the full featured MPIO for MSA but can only find for EVA and XP even though the full featured manager download page hints that one for the MSA exists.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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Re: MSA1500cs multipathing issues of my own

Hi Mike

HP don't supply full featured MPIO for the MSA1500cs, just the basic. I think I read somewhere on the HP site that they may release one.

I also get the same error on my DL360 G4, but have been able to install it successfully on my 5 BL35p blades.

I would also like to install it on my Dell PowerEdge 2650, but since they are the oposition I guess that it is fairly unlikely that they would allow that. The Dell was one of the first servers I connected to the MSA, but when I installed the HA kit, whenever it switches to the redundant controller, the lun drops from the server. Since I don't want to go out and buy multipath software for the older non-HP servers I end up with servers I can't connect to the MSA.