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MSA1510i I/O performance

Robert Vilhelmsen
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MSA1510i I/O performance


Im currently looking at the msa1510i san box to host approxly 30-40 databases from 500Mb size to 10Gb size. Both read and write performance has to be good so I thing for best performance raid level 0+1 would be the best raid level.

But I cannot seem to find any info regarding I/O performance on the msa1510i system.
Does any know of any tech. docs on the HP site or other sites with this info or some other testning results for the msa1510i system?

Or maybe some personal experience...

Robert Vilhelmsen

Re: MSA1510i I/O performance

What is your request size for these applications. For 2k-8k size, you would get optimal performance. The MSA1510i uses a TCP offload for it's front end and you can load balance by dividing your LUNs across the two 1Gb ports.