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MSA1510i and MS iSCSI Initiator

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MSA1510i and MS iSCSI Initiator

I am in the process of configuring an MSA1510i on a new system. It's my first experience with iSCSI, so please forgive me if I'm makning an obvious mistake.

I've managed to install the array, and get the iSCSI Initiator on my first server succesfully seeing the drive on the array. However, I can't get the second server to access the drive. Is there a slightly different process for additional servers to attach to the array, or is there a guide/tutorial someone could point me at ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Re: MSA1510i and MS iSCSI Initiator

A 2nd server has it's own iSCSI Initiator that must be configured. You can map logical drives to a 2nd target and create access controls to allow this new server to see this new drive. Once you login from the 2nd server you should be able to view the drive and run I/O to it just as you did to the first.