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MSA1510i and VLAN Support

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MSA1510i and VLAN Support

I have an MSA1510i currently configured with a connection to one server.

I now want to add a second server which is on a different subnet, linked to different drives on the array.

The diagram on page 23 of the MSA1510i Installation Guide shows the kind of setup I'm trying to replicate.

- I have assigned two IP addresses to my data port, SA0, each one on a different VLAN.
- I have setup two VLANs on my switch with the same name as the VLANs on the 1510i
- I have connected the array data port into a port on the switch (Cisco 2960) running in trunk mode with both VLANs allowed.

Having done all of this, I cannot see the drives on the array. If I connect the array data port to a switch that's running in normal access mode on the same VLAN as the server that is trying to access the drives it works fine. However, as soon as I move the array data port into the switch port running trunk mode it loses connectivity - even though the trunk port is carrying the VLAN that both the server and the array data port are on.

Can anyone give me any advice, guidance or pointers to more detailed configuration instructions for this ?



Re: MSA1510i and VLAN Support


You wrote " have setup two VLANs on my switch with the same name as the VLANs on the 1510i". You mean VLAN id's? These are in the range 1 to 4095 generally.

The Cisco switch MUST be setup to run in Transparent mode for the VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP). If this is the only switch you are using it might not be neccessary to do so.

It seems like your 1510i data port might not be configured to use a VLAN if connecting to a switch in normal access works. If your VLAN id on the switch and the IP address configured on port SA0 are the same, you should see data go through. Try a ping from the server to the data port when you do this. If it goes through then you have connectivity.