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MSA20 firmware upgrade all unit failed!!!


MSA20 firmware upgrade all unit failed!!!

Recently we have upgraded the bios of 2 msa20 connected to a MSA1510i from rev. 1.52 to rev. 2.02.

After restart the two msa20 and the mas1510i, all the logical unit are marked as failed, all the disk in both shelf are marked as follow:

Diskxxxx: Box x, Bay xx, (B:T:L 1:04:11)   REPLACED MARKED OK

There is a way to recover the data all the unit are raid 5 accept 1 that is mirrored, we more interested to recover the data on the mirrored drive (both disk of the mirror was OK before upgrade, and so the logical unit).

Attached the adu.xls form 1510i.

Thank you in advance