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MSA200 with FC switch - port mappings

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MSA200 with FC switch - port mappings

Good day.


We have MSA2000 G3 FC (2 processors) with 4 server directly connected to FC ports of MSA.

We want to connect the 6 servers via two FC switchs to the MSA.


In MSA Web console each volume (LUN) and each host (server) have mapping to one of four FC port now.

We connect 2 ports of MSA to one FC switch and 2 ports to another FC switch.


Where in the MSA web console I have to change port mapping to allow access to all LUN on the MSA was possible through any FC port ?


I think I must point all 4 MSA FC ports (A1,A2,B1,B2) in "Hosts-provisioning-Manage host mappings" or in "volume - provisioning - Explicit Mappings" ?


whether to continue with the server (WWN) bindings to the LUNs ?

will mapping change affect host connectivity to MSA ?