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MSA2000 G2 - disk capacity upgrade

Mila Sojka
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MSA2000 G2 - disk capacity upgrade


we are trying to upgrade capacity of MSA2312fc. We have 6x450 SAS HDD and 6x1TB SATA HDD. Both in RAID5.

We want to upgrade SATA space on array so we replaced all 1TB HDDs by 2TB HDDs (one by one using RAID rebuild functionality).


After successful rebuild, we have RAID5 vdisk consisting of 2TB HDDs. So we expect, that we will see a free space to create new volumes or to expand current volumes. Like it is possible for example on "ordinary" SA controller in Proliant server.


But this is not happened. Don't you know, where is the problem?


We have latest FW for controllers and disks.







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Re: MSA2000 G2 - disk capacity upgrade

This is the expected behaviour. When you replace disks on MSA with higher capacity, MSA will be able to utilise only the capacity of the failed disk. To utilise the full space, you will need to delete the LUN and create it again.



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