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Re: MSA2000 G3 - Diff Dual Controllers

Wilder Mellotto
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MSA2000 G3 - Diff Dual Controllers


We have a MSA 2000 with two controllers PN AJ803A but at last week, one of the controllers went offline and now we need to replace it. We have a new controller and as we can see, this new controller with PN AP837A is supported by MSA 2000 and our question is: ca we work with two different contollers that I litsted?



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Re: MSA2000 G3 - Diff Dual Controllers

Hello Wilder,

You have asked this question within the Storage Operations Manager / Storage Essentials Forum.  This is an HPE Software Forum.  Your question is about the hardware for a MSA 2000 array, which we, in HPE Software, cannot answer.

I suggest that you post your question on the Storage HW Community Forum.  You can access it at the following URL:

I'm sorry that we couldn't help you.  I hope that this information on where you can post your question is helpful.



Mark Butler
HPE SW Support Engineer