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MSA2000 Partner Firmware Update... how do I know?

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MSA2000 Partner Firmware Update... how do I know?

I am frequently testing MSA2k controllers that came back from customers. Some are defective and some not. Currently I have two working G3 SAS controllers with different firmware levels. Partner Firmware Update (PFU) is enabled.

My question is this: The only way to see the progress of PFU is to use the GUI of the working (firmware donating) controller. Is it true that there is no way to see PFU activity via the CLI port?
All I can see there is that one controller is not working. No information about the running PFU process...

Of course I can see the progress on the web-GUI but sometimes this is difficult to connect and I would like to see what's happening on the CLI.

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Re: MSA2000 Partner Firmware Update... how do I know?



For the P2000 the only way to see the firmware upgrade is through SMU.

Only do this step if there is no data at risk and the system is healthy and completely stable. If the controllers are not upgrading correctly when paired, you might want to try upgrading in single controller mode. This will wipe the configuration file currently on the controllers which helps when you are recieving controllers that are being returned from customer sites.




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