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MSA2000 and XFS

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MSA2000 and XFS

Hello all,

I have several MSA2000 Arrays, all using Windows hosts. Today I had an inquiry related to XFS for one of my Arrays. I'll admit that I am totally unfamiliar with XFS, so after some research it appears that this file system relates to Linux. I see that the MSA2000 does support Linux, but I am finding little to no documentation on how to actually do this.

I found, which points to another site - - as the definitive resource for XFS. But that site has a *ton* of information on it, and darned if I can find anything related to my situation.

Can anyone provide assistance? If I can get my hands on the correct documentation I can work with my Linux folks to get the Array configured.

Thanks in advance....
Uwe Zessin
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Re: MSA2000 and XFS

May be I misunderstand the question, but: The MSA2000 servers data blocks and does not know what a filesystem is. It does not care whether you put a NTFS, VMFS, ext3 or XFS onto its volumes.