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MSA2000 -> Restricting Lun Accesses

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MSA2000 -> Restricting Lun Accesses

I have a MSA 2000 using 2 FC 8Gbs Controllers connected with two Fibre Channel Switches.


At the moment the only clients attached to the array are ESXi 5 hosts, all the lun data attached are VMFS partitions.


Now i want to add a Server 2012 server and use a single lun from the storage array with this server.


My Question is how do I do this without impacting or corrupting my current luns for esxi.


I know I could use iSCSI and remove all the current luns from being published on the iSCSI ports but if I can use FC it would be better.


in the sun storage arrays they had a concept of Hosts groups and attaching luns to host groups but the HP Device does not seem to have that concept.


I could not find anything on the controller that would allow me to restrict host access.


Any ideas.