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MSA2000 host port interconnect

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MSA2000 host port interconnect



I am very new to fiber channel and SANs.

I recently acquired old hardware for testing purposes.

It includes an MSA2000 (2xMSA2012fc controllers).

I have 2 hosts connecting to each controller as follows:

    host1/port0 -> controllerA/port0

    host1/port1 -> controllerB/port0

    host2/port0 -> controllerA/port1

    host2/port1 -> controllerB/port1


The hosts use the HBA HP FC2242SR (Emulex A8003A)

I set up the topology to loop, and setting the host port toStraight-through, I'm able to see the LUNs on my servers.


However, as soon as I change the host port to Interconnected, I lose connection on the fiber ports...

The Recieve signal registers as Present, but the Link Status remains as Link Down (on the MSA web page)


Is there anyone that could have a clue on what I might be doing wrong?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...



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Re: MSA2000 host port interconnect

loop mode is ok for direct connect, point-to-point is used for switch fabric connections.

Hope this helps!

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