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MSA2000 issue seek for help (Urgent)

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MSA2000 issue seek for help (Urgent)

Dear all,

I know MSA2000 has already EOL, but this is my only chance to raise the discussion here to seek for help. Hope anyone can help with this please.

My MSA2000 cannot login to the controllers to start the services at this stage, but I am able to ping 2 controllers' IP addresses, The login page is dimmed and prompted a message below showing "The syetem is currently unavailable". I am able to telnet the controllers via PUTTY too, but also not able to restart the mc. Anyone can help with this please?

Many thanks for your help!!

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Re: MSA2000 issue seek for help (Urgent)


Do you have any production data inside the MSA?

Did you tried to full power cycle the MSA?

Do you have any additional drive enclosure attached with base enclosure or Controller enclosure? If so then just power on Controller enclosure by removing all drives half of each slot or bay

You can also try power on the MSA just by single controller and check. You can try to capture MSA logs and check the status of vdisk. If required log a case with HPE support based on the critical condition of the array.


Hope this helps!

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