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MSA2000 live disk upgrade to bigger disks.

Alex rogozin
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MSA2000 live disk upgrade to bigger disks.


replaced 300Gb disks in MSA2312FC DC RAID6 VDISK with 600Gb live, letting array rebuild itself to spare, selecting new spare, pulling old drive out and so on.  now have the shelf with all 600Gb disks and still showing " Minimum disk size

299.6GB" and array not seeing extra 300 Gb per drive. how unsafe would be to shutdown, power off and turn it back on? Volume copy license would be nice just about now, i know. And if anyone tried this, will the controllers see all the space after reboot or i should just as well backup data, create new vdisk with new volumes and copy data back?
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Re: MSA2000 live disk upgrade to bigger disks.

Im not sure that you can do it this way.  When you replace a drive with a larger one, the Vdisk config will not allow the extra space to be used, even if you end up replacing all of them this way.


You can expand a vdisk by adding new drives to its configuration, but not by replacing existing ones.  As far as I know, you will need to delete and then re-create the vdisk to make use of the extra disk space.



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