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MSA2000 vDisk rebuild

Hi All,

Got an old HP MSA2000 that acts as a Veeam backup repository. It failed 2 HDDs last night, and since I didn't have any 146GB HDDs, I made a plan with 2 x 300GB HDDs and designated them as global hot spares.

The vdisk rebuild has been going on for about 8 hours now and still shows 0%. This is surely not right...anyone else had this, or can you perhaps suggest how I can get this moved along? It is my least favourite storage as I've only ever had issues with them, but for now it's all we have for backups.



Re: MSA2000 vDisk rebuild

you haven't mentioned exact MSA model, Controller firmware version and RAID information for the vdisk. Could be a MC restart is the 1st step. If still no progress then Controller reboot who owns the vdisk.

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