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MSA2012FC and Windows 2000

AJ Mulligan
New Member

MSA2012FC and Windows 2000

We have a new MSA2012FC for our network, but one of our applications is running on a 2000 server that cannot be upgraded. To migrate the apps off that server I need a small window where it is connected to the SAN. Has anyone had any luck connecting a 2000 box to the 2012FC? I know it is not supported, but is it possible?
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA2012FC and Windows 2000

It _should_ be possible. For a small migration you don't even try the get MPIO running - just set up a zone so that the Windows 2000 server has access to one of each controller ports (unlike many other arrays, MSA2000 volumes are only visible through the controller that owns the virtual disk on which a volume is located).