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MSA2012fc vDisk expansion

Andrew O'Hara
Occasional Contributor

MSA2012fc vDisk expansion

We have an MSA2012fc dual controller for which we recently purchased an expansion enclosure.

In the original enclosure which has been in for some time, we have a Raid 5 vdisk configured across 7 disks. If we expand this vdisk adding the new disk in the second enclosure so the vdisk spans the maximum 16 disks, does the expanded vdisk get rebuilt so all LUNs on the vdisk (including those already configured) will span all 16 disks? This would seem preferable to creating a new vdisk on the new disks as we would get performance and overhead benefits by spanning more disks.

It would seem that it wouldn't really be an "expansion" of the vdisk unless the array is rewritten with all blocks spanning all drives, otherwise it would really just be a new vdisk along side the original one. I can't find anything in the documentation to confirm one way or the other though.