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MSA2012i DC Firmware

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MSA2012i DC Firmware

One of our customers has a MSA2012i (Duel Controller) SAN with the following error:

Critical 2009-07-25 07:07:23 207 B1476 Vdisk scrub complete, 1 error(s) found (Vdisk: SAS Raid 6 Array, SN: 00c0ffd5dd220000d0a66e4900000000)

This issue has been raised in other threads with the general outcome that the error can’t be tracked back to a specific drive under the original firmware. Some thread replies have suggested that there is a firmware update that was supposed to fix this issue and make the error info more useful. However follow-up comments in those threads suggested that the firmware update did not resolve the issue.

What I would like to confirm here is what the latest firmware version, where to get it and if there are any risks to data on the drives by applying the update. I'm hoping that we can update the firmware on the MSA2012i and then correctly identify which drive has an issue.

Currently the MSA2012i DC in question is running the current firmware version:
Current Storage Controller Code Version J210P03
Current Storage Controller Loader Code Version 15.010
Current Memory Controller Code Version F300R21
Current Management Controller Code Version W421R09
Current Management Controller Loader Code Version 12.013
Current Enclosure Controller Code Version 3019
Current CPLD Version 27

Any help would be greatly appreciated.