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MSA2012i firmware upgrade procedures & backup

Neil Evans-Mudie
Occasional Contributor

MSA2012i firmware upgrade procedures & backup


Frustratingly I am in a HP documentation loop! between 'HP StorageWorks 2012i Modular Smart
Array firmware release notes' pointing me to 'HP StorageWorks 2000 Family Modular Smart Array Firmware Upgrade Instructions' @' - which I just can't find. (I have found 'HP StorageWorks 2000fc/2000i Modular Smart Array and Related Products - Disk Drive Firmware Upgrade Procedure'.)

Hence, please could somebody either tell me (or point me towards) a step-by-step procedure to upgrade my msa2012i controller firmware?

I'm guessing as a prerequisite that I'll have to backup my msa2012i. Could somebody explain what this 'backup' means and how to achieve it (given that I've no direct backup solution on my msa - all I have are some attached DL servers with available disk space?) I.e. is this recommended Backup, a controller backup and/or data on the SAN backup?

In companion, could somebody point me in the direction of how to restore this msa Backup should a firmware update fail for whatever reason.

Look forward to hearing back.

Regards, Neil
Mark Wibaux
Trusted Contributor

Re: MSA2012i firmware upgrade procedures & backup

The "backup" that HP is referring to is your normal data backups you would be doing to either tape or some other removable device type. The idea being that you make sure you have a full copy of your data somewhere else just in case everything goes pear-shaped and you have to rebuild the array from scratch.

The firmware upgrade process document you are looking for is inside the zip file you downloaded with the firmware.