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MSA2012i maximum ESX hosts supported

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MSA2012i maximum ESX hosts supported

Hi All,

Hoping someone can help. Im trying to find out if its possible to have 3 ESX Servers connected to a MSA2012i, having the MSAs dual controllers connected with their 2 NICs for iSCSI (2 per controller) to two dedicated HP Procurve switches and having all of them being able to see two volumes which have been created on one virtual disk. ESX servers will have 10 NICs each in them. The virtual disk has been created in a RAID 6 array. First volume created on the virtual disk is 2TB in Size, second volume will be 2TB in size too.

Currently it doesnt appear like the volume has a LUN number assigned to it. Does that matter? If I need to assign one can it be done without messing up the current configuration? I want all 3 ESX servers being able to see both volumes at all times. Is this possible or can I only use 2 ESX servers?