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MSA2012sa RAID 5 corruption after power down?

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J Mike Gilbert

MSA2012sa RAID 5 corruption after power down?



Hi have a dual-controller MSA2102sa which is plugged into two DL380 G5 servers running Windows 2008 R2.  However only one of the two servers are in use.


I had to do some rack maintenance work so I needed to shut down the power.  I made sure all the servers were off, waited a bit, and then shut off the power.


When I turned the power back on, Windows reported that two (but not all) of my RAID 5 volumes were corrupted and so it checked them with chkdsk.  They were dirty but had no errors.  However because of the size of one of the volumes the check took 30 minutes which is a problem.


This has happened twice so I know it's more than a glitch.  This was a clean deliberate powerdown, not a failure.  However now I'm wondering if I'm at risk of losing data if my UPS initiates a clean rack powerdown because of an extended power failure.  I figure I shouldn't get corrupttion on a clean shutdown so something is wrong.


My question is, where do I go to start troubleshooting this?  A setting in Windows somewhere?  A setting on the controller?  Or maybe I have defective hardware?


I have fairly recent firmware installed in both MSA controllers because a power supply failed 2-3 months ago and HP support made me update the firmware at that time.


I've attached a text file containing my MSA event log from the last power down (read from the bottom up), which I've included in case there's something in there that would indicate I need the hardware to be repaired.  I see stuff about "capacitor failed" but it seems to have found some writeback data OK so I'm confused.


Thanks for any suggestions!


J Mike Gilbert

Re: MSA2012sa RAID 5 corruption after power down?

Let me reply to my own post. I ran hpsum from the latest Service Pack for Proliant. It updated some drivers and some drive firmware. Now this problem no longer happens!