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MSA2040 LUN size interpretation

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MSA2040 LUN size interpretation



I've created 5,2 TB volume  on MSA2040. ESXi host can see this storage device (LUN) but it recognizes it's capacity as 4,66 TB. How it is possible? Where is 500 GB?


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Re: MSA2040 LUN size interpretation

Look at the "HP MSA 1040/2040 SMU Reference Guide":

Operating systems usually show volume size in base 2. Disk drives usually show size in base 10. Memory (RAM and ROM) size is always shown in base 2. In the SMU, the base for entry and display of storage-space sizes can be set per user. When entering torage-space sizes only, either base-2 or base-10 units can be specified. Base 10 is the default.

5.2 TB = 4.7TiB


I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.